Don’t Take That Life!

Oluwadamilola Adeniyi Oyekan
3 min readNov 1, 2020

Last week, I was listening to a live broadcast of “Sharing Life Issues” on radio, then a young lady put a call through, her voice was soft, cold and so faint like that of a labouring woman gasping for air. When I heard the voice, something awakened in me, my ear receptors picked up signals to grasp the outpours of that destitute lady. Then She began the journey of words from the depth of dismal, denial, frustration and total conundrum. Her first sentence after her hello, good evening was “am tired of life” and the second was “I want to kill myself”, when I heard these words, my eyes sank in itself, blood stopped it movement in that split second, I was cold and goose pimples was all over me almost immediately. The radio presenter persuaded, inspired and tried to motivate her out of that present consternation. He spoke all the quotes he could remembered apparently, he gave an in depth of conviction to the young lady, but she kept saying “ am tired of everything and I want to take my life”, the presenter said “you can’t take what doesn’t belong to you, because it belongs to God” all these he said didn’t ameliorate the young lady’s decision I suppose. Furthermore, she said “I am planning to do that after I dropped the call”. All I remembered I said was God take control…

However, I know life could be pushy , it could be deceptive; not giving your desires and fruits of everything you’ve worked for. You have every reason to let go life, if I say I know exactly how you feel or I have total comprehension of what you’re going through, I swim in the acqua of lies. I know things are hard and some people are killer instincts , they do not care about how many people will suffer for them to survive , all they think of is getting rich or reaching their goals at the expense of people’s life or their welfare.

If you’re reading this today and a string of thought of taking your life hasn’t surfaced in your heart , it suffices that God has been faithful to you , because no human can be an orchestrator of such euphoric stream of life. And if you are reading this and a thought of “what is life?” has passed through your heart. I have felt such before, I know what it means when everything is not working.

I most tell you “for something to become a whole, it must firstly fall apart”, You are not just a mere addition to this world, you are a MULTIPLIER EFFECT. If you take your life today, what’s the hope of tomorrow? God gave you the life not to take, but to multiply it. No matter how thick your present circumstances are, what God wants to do with your life is beyond what you or anyone can comprehend. “ …For I know the thought I have for you, thought of peace, good and not of evil to give you a promising ending “ says God.

This ending will surpass your present circumstances in glory. God doesn’t play dice , He’s not a joker, when He creates something, He will attach a purpose to it, just like human manufacturers or producers. It looks as if He is silent over your issue, its because you’ve not invited Him. Run to Him today, tell Him all your fears and outcries and you will see your mountains becoming plain.

Share your pains with whom you believe are emotionally matured around you, don’t keep such thing to yourself. Try to meet people and get engaged, no matter how small that thing you’ve found doing is, when God’s breathe is on it, you will see how tremendously tremendous it will become, it will overwhelm you.


“For every Vision, there’s a Provision, and all you need is a STEP”

Don’t take that LIFE, that LIFE has a purpose.

This is an AWARENESS , let’s all meet people and talk to them, create a rapport with them so as to know how they are feeling and what they are going through.

You don’t know who needs this!